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Terrell Fleming began her insurance career as a marketing specialist in July of 2001. On October 15, 2004 she opened an Insurance Agency as an Independant Agent for a Fortune 500 Company in Concord that later relocated to Richmond, California. In November of 2008, The Fleming Insurance Agency branched out and became a full service brokerage under the name "Fleming's Impacting U Insurance Services", whose main focus is to offer clients more of a variety of coverage and options at the best pricing. Terrell has received many prestigious awards and has traveled the United States as a Speaker, Trainer, and advocate for Insurance Professionals. Her training experience has landed her the opportunity to open an Online Training School (as well as an in person training school) named Finished in 52 Insurance School. Her training in education was obtained from the UC Berkeley Extension Program with a specialty in Adult Vocational Training.


Terrell Fleming

Educator / Еntrepreneur  / The Fleming Insurance Agency Founder

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We are an equal opportunity employer as well as we welcome and provide bilingual services.  We represent and serve the entire community regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race and economic or religious background.


We are transparent with every client concerning coverages and rates.  We answer all questions honestly and we strive to know our clients better, so we can offer appropriate discounts and ensure that there are no gaps or holes in coverages. Fleming’s Impacting U is even transparent when there isn’t a good match or fit with a prospect.


Whether you prefer to do business via phone, email, or in person, we offer thorough communication with all of our customers and clients. We offer client welfare checks after an accident, reminder calls of late payments, and if there is any missing documentation, we contact you quickly to resolve issues. 


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